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Welcome to TRG - Tumbuh Raharja Gemilang, where we nurture future visions through transformative investments. As pioneers in driving cutting-edge technology. Through our diverse subsidiaries, we lay the groundwork for a tech revolution. Join us on this journey toward progress, where our investments not only create wealth but also inspire paradigm-shifting innovation.

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Telecommunication & Technology

We pioneer the future through advanced investments in telecommunications and technology. Our innovative subsidiaries expand global connectivity and lead in cutting-edge solutions, driving growth and positive societal impact.

Property & Leisure

Our expertise in real estate and entertainment investments creates vibrant spaces and memorable experiences. From dynamic commercial properties to immersive entertainment venues, we redefine lifestyle destinations for lasting enjoyment.​

Public Infrastructure

We excel in public infrastructure investments, driving sustainable development and societal progress. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, we shape resilient communities for a brighter tomorrow.

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