Trailblazing Excellence:
A Glimpse into Our Identity

Pioneering Beginnings

Established in 2007, TRG quickly became a beacon of innovation in Indonesia’s IT and telecommunications sectors. Discover how we through our group companies pioneered cloud computing in the region and how we expand our group companies from telecommunications infrastructure technology through fiber optics to developing also using satellites. 

Expanding Horizons through Infrastructure Development and Digital Technology

TRG has significantly broadened its scope beyond IT, venturing into extensive infrastructure projects. This strategic shift has involved collaborating with various sectors to build essential technology, infrastructure, and digital systems, crucial for Indonesia's development.

Our Vision, Mission And Purpose


Becoming the forefront investment and technology powerhouse, pioneering innovation, excellence, and prosperity.
At TRG, we aspire to lead the industry as a dynamic investment and technology conglomerate. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly push boundaries, ensuring unparalleled excellence in all endeavors. By prioritizing profitability alongside societal impact, we strive to create a sustainable future for generations to come.


To be a catalyst for change through innovative technology, integrating solutions that meet market needs, while transforming adaptable, systemic human and organizational capabilities.
Our mission is to drive transformative change by introducing cutting-edge technology and seamlessly integrating innovative solutions tailored to market demands. We're dedicated to fostering adaptable, systemic capabilities within our workforce and organization to ensure sustained growth and relevance in an ever-evolving landscape.


Enriching stakeholders through impactful returns on investment in innovative, superior, and sustainable technology ventures.
We are dedicated to creating value for all stakeholders by investing in innovative, superior, and sustainable technology ventures. Through our strategic investments, we aim to deliver not only financial returns but also long-term benefits to our stakeholders, fostering growth and prosperity in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The TRG Core Value


Business Growth

We are dedicated to fostering continuous expansion and development, seizing opportunities for innovation and advancement.


Excellent Services

We prioritize delivering exceptional service, exceeding expectations, and building lasting relationships with our clients and partners.


Learning Growth

We promote a culture of continuous learning and personal growth, empowering our team to constantly evolve and adapt to new challenges.



We strive to make a meaningful impact in everything we do, contributing positively to the communities we serve and the world at large.


Energetic Teamwork

We value collaborative teamwork, energized by our collective efforts to achieve common goals and drive success.


Future/Forward to Agility

We embrace digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to propel us forward in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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